To file a request, download and submit the pdf Records Request Court (62 KB)  form

Except where prohibited by Supreme Court rule or by statue, the following types of records are available within our court:

  • Copies of complaints
  • Copies of case documents
  • Dispositions
  • Certified Dispositions

To obtain these records, please complete PART A and PART D of the Records Request Form and mail, fax or bring it to our office. If you are mailing or faxing your request, please include CLEAR contact information in order for the court to provide you with total cost for your request. 


Cost examples:

There is a fee of $5 for a certified disposition, 5₡ per copy of a regular page, and 7₡ per copy of a legal page. This payment MUST be received before records are released.


For additional information on obtaining copies of records contact us at (201) 391-5701.