Montvale Historical Drawings

Montvale school no. 1
Montvale school no. 1 was on Summit Ave. (1900), land bought from James Van Ripper for $200. It served as police headquarters after school no. 2 took all pupils and later torn down.
Montvale Public Library
The Montvale Public Library was originally built as school no. 2 in 1908 with four rooms. In 1927 four more rooms were added. It officially opened as Montvale Public Library on October 18, 1975.
The old stone church
The old stone church was built with rocks from the ground on which it stands. Local farmers started it in 1888 and completed it in 1895. Walter Brill walks by. Rose window installed in 1906 under supervision of Bond Thomas, Manager of Tiffany's in NYC. He had a summer home in area for years.
Montvale railroad station
The original Montvale railroad station burned down in the 1930's. (Railroad came to Montvale in 1871) Hilbig's Store, later Brun's, was torn down in late 1960's. Drawing taken from four photos and the memory of Tip Stalter.
Garrett Hering's saw mill
Garrett Hering's saw mill (1899) was opposite Montvale's present post office on Grand Ave. Mr. Hering stands in his doorway. (Also was a cider mill.)
Jacob and Cora Terkuile residence (built 1893).