As of now, there is no obligation that the Borough rezone the Mercedes Benz property; however, that site has been identified by the Special Master appointed in the Borough’s declaratory judgment action as a potential site for residential development that generates and/or produces affordable housing.  It is a near certainty that the Borough will have to rezone some parcels in the Borough in order to satisfy its affordable housing obligations, and rezoning Mercedes is an option that has to be considered.  Obviously, the Borough has no control over who Mercedes Benz sells the property to, just like the Borough has no control over who you sell your property to.  The Hekemian group has approached the Borough about rezoning the property for a mixed-use development, including residential, retail, office and hotel uses.  It is possible that a different developer would seek to develop the property solely for high-density, rental apartments.  Right now, the property is zoned for commercial use; however, it appears that there is not currently any significant interest in continuing to utilize the property as an office complex.  Rezoning Mercedes to accommodate a plan that the Borough is comfortable with may give the Borough more discretion to refuse to rezone other parcels that developers would like to use for residential development that may be located on properties that are either less suitable or which would have a greater impact on surrounding residential neighborhoods.