Currently, the Borough only has one actual “intervenor.”  Hornrock Properties, the developer who is proposing to develop the former Sony property, intervened in the Borough’s Declaratory Judgment Action soon after it was filed.  As an intervenor, Hornrock has special status in the context of the Borough’s Declaratory Judgment Action, and the Special Master has advised that the Borough is required to negotiate with them concerning potential development on that site.  Fair Share Housing Center, while not an intervenor, also has special status in the context of negotiations, and reaching a settlement on the Borough’s affordable housing obligation and its housing element and fair share plan will likely require mediation and negotiation with FSHC.  It is also possible that other property owners and/or developers who have presented formal or informal development proposals to the Borough may eventually seek to intervene in the Declaratory Judgment Action, including the owners of the Mack-Cali and A&P buildings, two properties that have been identified by the Special Master as potentially being appropriate for development/redevelopment.  Eventually, the plan is to reach a global settlement that can be recommended by the Special Master and approved by the Court.