The Board of Health in conjunction with Tyco Animal Control would like to remind the residents the importance of licensing your dogs and cats.  New Jersey law requires that all dogs and cats be licensed as a rabies control measure.  Registering your pet and attaching a current tag to the pet collar is the best insurance of having your pet returned to you in case the pet escapes your yard or is lost.  When a licensed pet is picked up and impounded by an animal control officer, the officer checks the Borough license system, identifies and then notifies the owner.  A pet license also provides rabies vaccination information in the event of an incident or bite.


During the Spring of 2017, Tyco Animal Control will be conducting door-to-door canvassing of all the residences to assure that all pets are licensed.  If your dog or cat is unlicensed, please do so prior to February 28th to avoid a late fee.  Animal license applications and instructions can be found on the Borough website and Borough Hall.

If you have any other questions about licensing, or no longer own your pet, contact Janet Russo, Board of Health Secretary at (201) 391-5700 ext. 257 or by email