Bulky items are collected by appointment only. Call Waste Management at 800-717-3366 to make an appointment.


  • Bulky household metal appliances: refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, washers and dryers are collected by appointment only. Please call Waste Management at 800-717-3366. Residents are required to call for an appointment prior to placing the appliance at the curb.

Other Bulky Items

  • Other household bulky items refer to those bulky items in the household, such as rugs, mattresses and box springs, sofas, chairs, etc.
  • Rugs may be placed out if they are cut into 3-foot strips and tied. Rugs are not to weigh more than 40 pounds per bundles.
  • Residents are requested not to place more than 3-4 bulky items per pick-ups.

Note that Waste Management is not required to collect construction debris of any kind.

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This information can always be found on the Public Works page by visiting Departments > Public Works > Bulk Household Items or by searching "Bulk items" on the site search bar.