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Snow Removal Ordinance

To all residents and businesses, this is once again a friendly reminder that unfortunately the winter is not yet over, as much as some of us would like that. Therefore, our ordinance for snow removal is being shown below so there is no confusion as to what is expected from you in order to keep our beautiful town safe for all. Thank you! The Building Department understands that this winter has been hard on all of you, so we are going to relax the amount of time to clear the snow. The clearing needs to be completed by Monday 2/22/21, after that a summons could be issued. Please do your best and remember you can cut a path around the big piles of snow that the plows leave while doing their job of keeping the roads safe for all.

§ 347-26 Removal of snow and ice.
[Amended 4-9-1996 by Ord. No. 96-1021]

A. The owner or owners, tenant or tenants of land abutting or bordering upon the sidewalks and gutters of the public streets, avenues and highways within the limits of the Borough of Montvale shall remove all snow and ice from the same within 24 hours of daylight after the same shall have formed or fallen thereon. [Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. II)]

B. No person shall sweep, shovel, push, plow or throw snow or ice in or upon any public street, sidewalk or private property belonging to another, nor shall any person direct, permit or suffer another to so do any of the foregoing from any property owned, occupied, used or leased by such person.