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Property Maintenance

As we begin to see the changes in our weather and the inevitable snow and ice that is sure to come, I would like to remind all residents that it is their responsibility to make sure that leaves are not left in the streets to be picked up by your landscape contractor at some future date. Your landscaper is responsible to pick up leaves that are blown on that day. They cannot be leftover night. The homeowner is responsible to manage their landscapers and leaf pickup. 

These leaves get washed into storm drains and require a lot of DPW time and money to clean out. This also assures that storm water systems operate properly when we have heavy rains during this time. Once the snow starts to fall, please be reminded that it is the responsibility of the property owner to remove ice and snow from all sidewalks that front on all sides of your property. Sidewalks must remain passable at all times. While I know this can be a frustrating endeavor as plows go by and plow in what was just shoveled, it is important to remember that roadways are the priority in order for emergency vehicles to move about town.

Removal of snow soon after a snowfall will reduce the potential for it to turn to ice and be more difficult to remove later on. By doing so, we will be able to provide safe and passable sidewalks during the upcoming winter. Thank you everybody in advance for their efforts and cooperation. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous holiday season.