Thurs: Open until 6pm

12 DePiero Drive
Montvale, NJ 07645

Thurs: Open until 6pm

Commission Members

Planning Board Liaison 

  • Sherwin Tsai


  • Robert Hanrahan, Chairman


  • Mairead Jensen
  • Randall Preston
  • Lisa Skoglund 
  • Lisa DePellegrini
  • Michelle Zink-Jojic


  • 1 - Antonio Vozzolo
  • 2 - Lou Baldanza


Council Liaison

  • Chris Roche

Environmental Commission Information

About The Environmental Commission

The Environmental Commission was established for the purpose of studying and making recommendations to the Mayor & Council with respect to: the preservation of open and green space; control of all types of pollution; disposal of wastes; protection of the soil and landscapes; the management of water resources; the protection of the aesthetic flora and fauna of the Borough.

The Environment Commission has dedicated its efforts towards the conservation of precious open and green spaces, as well as the natural and historic resources of the borough, within the framework of maintaining a safe, healthy and vibrant community.

The Environmental Commission meets on the third Monday of each month. (except for December), at 7:45 pm. Meetings are held in the Council Chambers at the Municipal Complex, 12 DePiero Drive, Montvale. Please check the website for an updated schedule.