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Community Center Policies

Policy for the Use of the facility and or kitchen located in the Borough of Montvale Senior Citizen Community Center One Memorial Drive, Montvale, New Jersey

 I.  Policy

The Montvale Community Center is intended primarily for programs sponsored by the Borough of Montvale.  Other non-profit organizations that may use the center and are subject to the regulations of the policy.

Borough of Montvale reserves the right to waive or amend any portion of this policy. 

II. Regulations 

A.   Programs sponsored by the Borough or jointly sponsored by

       the Borough  and other entities have priority over other

       uses.  Certain time periods may be reserved on a regular  

       basis for Borough use and programs.

B.   The availability of the Senior Citizen Community Center for  

        programs not related to the Borough are follows:

      1.   The Senior Citizen Community Center is available for  

             civic, educational, and cultural non- profit groups and  

             community related events.

      2.   The Senior Citizen Community Center shall not be  

             available for social events such as birthday, graduation,  

             or retirement parties, etc.

     3.   The Senior Citizen Community Center shall not be

            available for use by  for-profit groups, businesses or


            a. Money raising events, projects or programs;

            b. Events which offer items or services for sale or which    

                 include overt solicitation of clients for products or


            c.  Meetings or  events held for political parties or  

                 interests for  sole purpose of soliciting or raising          


III.  Use of the Kitchen 

A.   An application for use of the facility/kitchen must be  

       completed and returned to the Borough of Montvale at least

      14 business days prior to the event. The completed form and    

       a check (no cash) for $200 made payable to the Borough of

       Montvale is required with the application, if the kitchen will      

       be utilized.

The deposit, either all or part will be returned pending an inspection of the kitchen after the event by the DPW Superintendent or designee. The borough may retain the deposit to help cover the cost to restore the  kitchen to its original state.  If the organization is found to be negligent  in using the kitchen or facility, that organization will be denied future access.


Prior to vacating the center please ensure that all lights have been turned off.

Any organization that utilizes the kitchen and or brings refreshments mustt clean the kitchen.  Leave the kitchen clean. Ensure all doors are secured.  After the event the keys (kitchen & front door) must be  returned in the key lock box located near the entrance door of the facility. If the key is lost or damaged the user will incur a replacement  charge of $50.00.                

The use of tobacco products and alcohol within the 

Montvale Senior Citizen Community Center is strictly prohibited.