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Thurs: Open until 6pm

Municipal Court sessions will now be conducted virtually/remotely to minimize exposure to COVID-19. Accordingly, all complainants, defendants, attorneys, victims are to contact the municipal court via email at or at (201) 391-5701 to provide your full name, e-mail address, and cell phone number within seven days of a court notice.

Veterans Assistance Project

The Veterans Assistance Project (VAP) is a voluntary referral service for veterans who come in contact with the court system and who may be in need of veterans services from their local Veterans Service Office. The goal is to get services and support to improve the quality of life for the men, women, and families who have made sacrifices in the defense of the United States. Available services can include mental health counseling, addiction services, legal services, and housing. 

Please complete the Request for the Services and Benefits Referral Form: Veterans Assistance Project and mail, fax or bring it to our office. If you are mailing or faxing your request, please include CLEAR contact information in order for the court to contact you regarding your request. 

For additional information on these services contact us at (201) 391-5701.